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me: this celebrity is kinda good :-)!

tumblr: but… probematic! *brings out 116 receipts*




PeekingBoo is now on Patreon! [x]

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it allows you to donate a fixed amount each month and gain access to a bunch of cool perks in the process, any and all support is greatly appreciated and you can cancel your contributions at any time.

Because of this, I have also redesigned my website so that it ~looks cooler~

Without further stalling, let’s see what each of these passes mean:

$1 per month - Mushroom Pass:
Access to patron-exclusive content posted privately here on Patreon where I will post progress doodles and other works ahead of time before posting them on my website.

Your name/username added to the Hall of Fame on my website so you can be immortalized forever for your contri-boo-tions.

$2 per month - Flower Pass:
Access to my private stream on USTREAM where you can watch me draw and chat to me as I go.
Streaming usually takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays & Sundays at around 6am to 9am EST.

+ all perks with the Mushroom Pass

$3 per month - Star Pass:
Monthly shout out on my website expressing my thanks for your contributions!
You will also be able to send me a pic of your avatar/logo, blog/website address and a small caption to go with them so that users seeing the post can visit you!

+ all perks with the Flower Pass

$5 per month - Special Pass:
Watermark-free, high-resolution stills of every drawing I release publicly.

+ all perks with the Star Pass

Hope to see you all there!